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We have made the difficult decision to start looking for the perfect home for our Abby girl. The only reason we have decided to place her is due to her and our other females not getting along. Abby is great with male dogs, but other females tend to show dominance over her due to her shy nature. Before inquiring about Abby please read her Story/history below to see if she might be the right fit for your family. 


Abby’s Story/History: 


Abby came to us from Missouri in 2016. She had no training when she came to us and was timid/shy due to the lack of contact. We have worked with her on basic training and house training since she came to us. She is not 100% house trained, but does well if she is let out to potty frequently. All of our dogs have their own space with a doggy door where they can go out to potty when they are ready and she does wonderful if she is able to go outside to potty when she’s ready. Abby is still a little shy around new people, but she has came a long way and warms up quickly after meeting new people. She has never been aggressive in any way and absolutely loves all the attention she can get! Due to her shy nature I feel she would do best in a home with no children or older children. Young children can be very intimidating to dogs who are shy in nature. I have a toddler and Abby has never shown any aggression towards him, but I can tell that he is intimidating to her. She will come up and let him pet her, give treats, etc., but she is hesitant. I also feel that she would be best suited in an only dog home or with a male companion.


This was a very hard decision, but we want to keep her best interest in mind. Our goal is to find Abby a home where she feels comfortable and can live out her best life! If you feel that you could give her that then please contact us to arrange a time to meet Abby!


Contact: Briana (256) 771-3415 (text is the best method of contact) 




Abby’s Information:


DOB: March 28th, 2015 

Vaccinations: UTD 

Price: Our main concern is to find Abby the right home and we do not want money to be a factor in finding that family. Therefore, price will be discussed when the right family is found. 

Companion only: Spayed

Registration: AKC

Genetic Testing: PawPrint Genetics